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The Ride

Mind MaooHave started working on my project 'The Ride'. The idea of my project will be to explore my emotions when I commute to office and back home with my bike. 

So my commute to office and back home is always a crowded. It also depends on the time of travel. If I leave early to work my ride is a pleasure. If I leave from office around 6 PM then it is a nightmare, irritated, torture travelling home. So i have taken 4 situation early morning, morning, evening and night as the scene and the bike as my subject to depict my emotions.

Mind Mapping...

MInd Mapping Refinement....

Initial Sketches...


1. Early - Happy

2.Evening - Irritated 

3. Morning - Cautious,

4. Night - Sure

Iteration 1 (Very very high level Idea) 

I'm supposed to show Pleasure but I'm stuck a little with the color combination. I'm not even sure if this is any where close ( even if it does it shud be by accident).

( im even thinking I should give more character to the bike probably make it a little humane to bring the emotions)

Showing Cautious


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