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Aisha Kristine Chong

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The Retro Car Road Trip Project

I had put a lot of extra effort this time around on this project.

It was mention on the video - that most people hate pen tool. It makes me wonder why.. I think pen tool is the easiest to use, lol. I hate using the pencil - I feel it is more tedious.. and adds a lot of anchor so I had to fixed a lot of things usually.. so this is the first time I actually used the pencil to draw and trace the whole thing. (I was thinking maybe I should use a paintbrush - since I a lot from deviantart people tend to tell me paintbrush is the best to use.. though I am not sure how it will look or so.. so just end up using pencil anyway..)


It took me awhile before I actually continue on.. as I spent a lot of time looking into the colors (which I am really bad at - and this is what I have come to realized after this class, lol!)

I took a lot of color palettes.. but I just can't seem to come up with a good combination... all the combination of the palettes I have used - is not something that has satisfied me. So I was wondering.. if maybe coloring is an issue for me lol - probably because I am not as creative or artistic as the others, lol!

Design Seeds - seems to have a lot of wonderful combinations so I have bookedmarked the site.. but I ended up using the Kitchen Color Palette from the last class (Not all.. but I used a few of them as a base.. and have adjusted it to the color I was looking for).

I found making the art brush section very interesting! I didn't realized you should make 5 lines - I ended up making too much as the brush I use was very thin and I even reduced the stroke to.. 0.25 or 0.5 instead of one.. just to see what wil come up.. and I got this..


I ended up trying a whole bunch! 

I had a few hiccups following the class after this section - because.. my illustrator didn't automatically group things - so I had to undo a lot then group it.. then (I had some mistake and ended up repeating the process lol!) But it was worth it.. as it makes me feel it help me get around illustrator better as well.

I honestly didn't like off register or something.. so I tried to do very minimal on it - but I did it to all the colors. I do think it looks nice and much more organic.

I made a background to which is a sunburst effect. When I see a retro car - I just can't help but think of sunburst as the perfect background to it, haha! Then another set of issues on the coloring - so it makes me feel its what always gets me stuck. In this assignment I spend a whole load of time in choosing the colors than doing the project and drawing itself, lol!

Changing different colors - what may suit best.

I even had a hard time.. in choosing the color font and style to it.. I just tweaked around endlessly - I can't even remember how I did that text effect - but I was happy with the result anyway, haha! Such a lovely class - I hope we get to learn some shading when we color vectors next time! <3

Here's the final result of this project:



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