Jillian Napper

Founder/CEO, The Regal People



The Regal People - 1 (Action)

Where do I begin? I guess, this dream of mine all started in high school my junior year. This was the time when anxious sixteen and seventeen year olds are forced to choose their lives - forced to see into the future. Well, it's kind of good that I was forced because I probably would not have decided to start my business  so early on. But of course it has not been an easy path to this conclusion. I wanted to dance, I wanted to see the world. I wanted to do so much but had no idea where to begin. Oh, did I mention that I rap? Yeah lol, I'm an emcee. But that's beside the point. I had a lot going on and the rapping thing is pretty much eighty percent of it.

SHAM, 2012

I decided to attend Virginia Commonwealth University in the Fall of 2007 to major in Fashion Merchandising. VCU was and still is the best experience I've had in my entire life thus far. It has openend up so many windows in my mind, I've met so many different people, and it has formed a foundatin that is unique beyond my own imagination. It was pretty damn amazing. It was where I started my rap career, networked with fashion professionals, and tried to go to all the house parties. Oh, and earn my degree. I pretty much learned the basics of the industry like every other aspiring fashionista. Truth be told, I'm not even a fashionista. I'm just a stylish humanitarian with a strong will to change the world.

Fast forward to 2013 - I've decided to move forward and create my business. This happened in October of 2012. I didn't just want to create a business though, or to only have a brand or clothing line. Everyone either has one or can easily start one. I wanted to create a brand that stemmed from my music's message - that we all came from kings and queens therefore we are each born with the potential to reign just as fearlessly in our own unique ways. Although I had the concept down, I didn't quite have the product. So, I just dove in. I did some research and thought about the trends and my demographic, and everything you're supposed to consider when creating a product. I made bracelets, designed hats, and altered preloved clothing. To put it plainly, I experimented. I figured out what worked and what needed to go.

I finally just sat down one day and thought really hard about my brand. I would go days doing this. I thought about the brands that I admired and agreed with. I thought about their images and their qualities. Then I thought about my brand again. I had it. I still cannot quite put into words the epiphany that I had experienced, but just know that I feel deep withing my soul that this what I'm supposed to be doing - creating my business, taking this class, exerting all of the right energies. 


I am thoroughly excited about my venture and cannot wait to see what life has in store for me.

- Jillian, Keep it Regal


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