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Mahmoud Hamam

Creative Director



The Red Fox

The Brief_
Background: The Red Fox is a creative studio. It does not have a catchy brand & identity.
Objective: To catch the client's attention and differentiate from what's in the market.
Target Audience: Big corporations and establishments, which their goal is to make a difference and create customer experience.
Message: We create amazing experiences.
Competition: Graphic design and creative studios in the same city.
Distinguishing Characteristics: 1/ Very creative and elite designs.
                                                           2/ A bigger experience than the design side only.
                                                           3/ Passionate about its clients' success.
Creative Considerations: 1/ The color palette should integrate the use of red hue.
                                                2/ Simplicity is the rule for the creative direction.
Tone & Keywords:   - Elite.         - Dynamic.         - Passionate.         - Engaging.         - Stylish.


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