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Deborah De Mesa

Lady Sweet Tea - Aging Gracefully Southern Style



The Re-Invent Club by Lady Sweet Tea

My story: I am a recent widow who is trying to rebuild a professional career as a writer. I have a journalism degree and was a technical writer for the oil and gas industry for many years but then quit wokring to stay home and homeschool my son. Since my husband passed away I have immersed myself in social media and trying to learn how to operate in the new world I find grew up while I was busy at home.

I am constantly being encouraged to write a book or books about the grieving process and what it takes to rebuild your life.

My website is:

In experimenting with social media I do have the following accounts:




I also have Google+ and LinkedIn accounts and a few other scattereda accounts that I don't do much with. I believe LinkedIn is central to obtaining higher paying freelance work.

My project is to drive enough traffic to my sites that I can sell my writing services. I also have mobility issues that make going to client workspaces problematical so I need to not only gain clients via online sources but also be able to meet with those clients via online sources as much as possible.

My project is to brand me as an expert writer for those businesses who are trying to reach the Baby Boomer Generation. I am a Baby Boomer and feel that it gives me an edge when working with companies who want to attract the money Baby Boomers control.

One of my challenges is that my blog started out as a lifestyle blog so it is all over the board as far as topics are concerned including personal details such as the death of my husband. Although I do not have a large readership I do have some as well as some traction as Lady Sweet Tea. Most people I meet think this is a great handle, at least that is what they tell me. I would love to know what you think about the concept of "Aging Gracefully Southern Style".

First Project Goal

I have brainstormed some ideas with a friend for my portfolio. These are all topics I have some knowledge or experience. I am trying to put together different type of writing projects from a news story, a blog entry, or technical materials, etc. to showcase my writing skills.

  • Plant seedlings,
  • History micro greens
  • Farmers markets - benefits of visiting often
  • Creating a winter garden
  • Marketing your winter garden
  • Fern valley farm
  • Restaurant review that you've already been to
  • Why social marketing for small businesses
  • Accountability partners- why they can help your business, how to find one, what to do when you do find one
  • Farm to table dinners- a new trend in dining
  • Starting your own blog
  • Different types of tea or  cheese

I was thinking about taking a topic such as Microgreens and making different types of articles showcasing basically the same information as step one in my media program.





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