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The Razor's Edge

Hi Everyone!

So I decided to make a drop cap for the author of The Razor's Edge, Maugham. This story is basically about a young man named Darryl who returned from the war with a new perspective on life. He realized that society spent too much time being materialistic and that in the end it wasn't worth it. Although he had a fiancee, she wasn't happy living a simple life, she wanted to be rich and left him for someone who provided that for her. In the end she was never really happy with the riches she had because she realized she never really had love. (Cheesy! I know) Darryl however traveled the world searching for happiness and through a trip discovered meditation and that what makes someone really happy in life are simple things like love, helping others, etc. 

So below is my crazy list of things that popped into my head when brainstorming this story.

p.s -  really excited to be here! Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely work and receiving your feedback. 

I thought about it for a while and below are 3 sketches for this story 

The M with the dove - Basically I used a dove to represent peace. I think in this story there was two wars going on. An actual war  and a war within each of the characters. Isabel for instance loved Darryl but was unable to cope with his lifestyle. Vice-versa for Darryl toward Isabel. 

My second sketch is one in where I portray Darryl looking toward the future, because in the end he found inner peace and the happiness he longed for. Isabel on the other hand had the life she wanted in riches, but was never really happy. I was thinking maybe doing wilted roses on her side or maybe a broken necklace or something. Would that be too much? Still debating...

My third sketch deals with  a suitcase because I feel that all of the characters take part in a journey, not just literally but metaphorically as well. 

Im still brainstorming and thinking of concepts. Thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated! :) Have a lovely day. 


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