The Raven

The Raven - student project

The Raven - image 1 - student project

I started off with a sketch - using a reference. I don't normally draw animals so this was a nice challenge. I really struggled with the feet of the raven.

The Raven - image 2 - student project
I originally wanted a Yuko Shimzu-esque type drawing. I tried. I wasn't very excited about where it was going. It didn't feel like me because it felt like it was too much straight black compared to texture and when I added texture - it didn't fit with the rest of the piece and it ended with frustration. So, I went back to the start and did another lining of it.

The Raven - image 3 - student projectWhile I really liked the lantern, it would have been small and unrealistic because ravens aren't that big. I also couldn't find a design or shape that I liked - So I switched it to a fun gemstone trinket.

I started going more towards an artist named Inbal Breda from Isreal. I really love her lines and simple hatching. Specifically with this image as a reference. Here is a link to her artstation:

The Raven - image 4 - student project
The simple hatching really caught me, and I liked the single-width lines and simple coloring. I tried using a single width - and while it didn't look bad, I was missing the variation and excitement from using a tapered brush.

The Raven - image 5 - student project
So I looked more into other artists, I like a lot of artists, but it's hard to find artists that resonate with me so much that I want to practice in that style.

I found an artist with the handle "Frankentoon," they make brush packs for the program Affinity Designer, which I just picked up and was looking at all the goodies I could get with it. Here is a link to their Instagram:

The Raven - image 6 - student project
This was much more with how I like doing things, tapered lines, colorful, and expressive.

The Raven - image 7 - student project

I started filling in the color - I wanted a strong purple and gold scheme.
When I went to do secondary shading I didn't like how rigid things were so I added color variation and texture with various brushes.

The Raven - image 8 - student project
I am very excited about the finished project. I actually sent it to the print shop to get a print because I like it so much. I'm not one to hang my own art up on my walls - so I think this is a good improvement towards my own thoughts about my art in particular. 

I learned a lot about my preferences and the struggles I have trying to pick things that actually work for me and my process. I will still try to use mono-width lines to see if I can make it work.  I had a lot of fun with this class. 10/10 Ira, thanks a lot!

Sarah Fowler
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