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Emma Kiiski

2D/3D Game Artist



The Ram

Hey everyone! :)

I haven't been working with Illustrator for such a long time and I felt like I wanted to go back to some vector art. This course caught my eye because I love animals and I'm curious to try out new art styles.

This is my first step in creating the animal for the course: the sketch. I chose a ram because I'm a very headstrong person and this animal represents my attitude for life. 

I'm sure I'll enjoy the creating process, looking forward to do some vectors <3




Work in progress! Stuff is happening, slowly.


Another WIP pic. Got some nice gradients going on and a looot of details. Needs moar polishing but i think I like where this is going. :)


Soon. Still some detailing to do and I'm not happy with the horns yet. I also wanna try out some texture stuff. :) But I'm pretty happy how this looks anyway. I'm so glad I haven't forgotten about all the stuff I knew about Illustrator! This project has refreshed my knowledge about the software. Feels great!


Added some texture and yes, I'll call it finished. Much fun and I'm so happy to have it done now. <3


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