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The Raku Experience

I'm very excited to create a video portrait of Laura Canfield who is a potter extraordinaire. She is fired up  by the whole process of making raku pottery -- literally!

Laura is also intrigued by the Japanese philosophy that infiltrates the raku process. So, I'm delighted to weave in a little of the Japanese culture that inspires this artisan process. 

3/22/22013 Update: 

I've had two filming sessions with one more to go. Since this is my first video project, it has been quite the learning curve to say the least. It is a process to film a creative process such as making pottery!

After I filmed this morning, I came back and watched Lesson 3. I had to laugh because I experiences both sound and lighting issues! There is a construction crew across the street and I can't move her pottery wheel into another room or the sounds of people walking into The Art House (where Laura's studio is) and talking -- so working with these "limitations" is part of my process. 

I one more session to shoot of Laura on Sunday to have her talk about why she loves raku pottery and why she is inspired by this process. 

Meanwhile, I'm learning the basics of Premiere Elements (luckily my husband can help me with this). 

Key themes:

1) letting go of attachment to outcome -- never know how the pottery is going to turn out

2) wasabi -- the perfection of imperfection

3)  the Zen of Raku was lost in the Americanization of it

3/26/2013 Update

Filmed the final interview on Sunday. Have been editing yesterday and today. It is amazing how much I edited OUTI definitely have lots to learn.

I'm trying to find the right format to upload -- either it fits the size and is fuzzy OR is smaller and clearer. I've tried following the suggestions on both Vimeo and YouTube, but their recommendation isn't quite right. 

3/26/2013: Here are the links for my current version of my video:


HD and blurry but fits the screen:

Doesn't fit the screen but  is less blurry:


Fits the screen but is a bit blurry:

Dosn't fit the screen and is clearer:

2/28/2013: I want to change the music and to figure out how to upload it so that it isn't so blurry by our new deadline on Sunday.

 3/31/2013: Well, I wasn't able to make my final changes by the deadline as planned, but I plan on, at the very least, to change the music. I am commited to learning about shooting and editing videos as I see I have a huge learning curve. I want my next video to be a vast  improvement! 


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