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Bob Hazlett

Director of Online Marketing



The Raddest

Here's my first take at some radical typography - 

Using a Sharpie Magnum, I just sat down and scribbled whatever came to my mind. Still feels somewhat forced and too precise, but I'll keep working. I have some ideas for my final project. 

What is my personal brand/style? What separates me from others? How would you describe your brand to others?

I want to be known as someone who is slow and mindful, yet quick and whitty. Smart and classic, but ahead of his time (never trendy). 

Inspiration, things I like (see images below)

Hugh Macleod -

Austin Kleon -

Bill Murray

Field Notes 


Local graffiti in Memphis

Meanwhile in SF

Warren Buffet - he’s just a simple man, thoughtful

Louis CK - It's not that he's funny or will say things that everyone wants to say, but rather he is a very deep thinker.

Chris Rock - raw and real

Chris Piascik

Emma Holmes


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