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Sylvia S

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The Quilter

I really like this class! Beautiful style of illustration that brings me right back to my childhood.

I love fabrics and print both and love how these things are combined in quilts. So my inspiration is 'The Quilter' and this is my initial sketch:


Looking forward to working this one into a full illustration :)

Soo... today I worked on the base illustration and whilst i have not picked the final colours yet - I do like the orange that I selected - so it may stay at that. As I was creating the base for the measuring tape I was thinking that it probably will be a really complex job to get the scribbles for the measure indication in. Why oh why did I try to create a creative lint there.. that will be the next challenge...


So next day.. early here still.. got my sumi ink out, a dip pen and some cheap (disposable) make-up brushes. The eye-lash comb looks promising but it appears quite hard to get all the teeth hitting the ink/paper. I made 'my marks' and whilst I do not have access to a scanner right now, that won't be a problem later today. Just some quick (and a bit blurry) snapshots now:




I hope to assemble the final illustration later today - day to day work calls me first...

And then.. the assembly.. took heaps of time to get the measuring tape right. So maybe next time a little less challenging perhaps - was heaps of fun tho. I hope you like the end result - I do!



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