The Quiet App

The Quiet App - student project


Recap - I wanted to illustrate the idea that "Quiet" is a choice we make, even when surrounded by noise. In our digital world, the idea of apps as noise resonated, so I created an iPad-style layout where Quiet was an app that drowned out the noise, at least for a little while...

The Quiet App - image 1 - student project

This didn't change much from the last version, except for some text and minor shadow effects. I played with a lot of small changes and variations, but they all just seemed to add more noise. I feel like's something missing, but ultimately it was a pretty simple idea, and making it too visually complicated didn't work.


Update 2 (3/26)

Added the text below the icons (with drop shadows, played around with the background a bit, and faded the ripple effect to overwrite the noise icons closest to the center. This also really drew out the [QUIET] button. I still feel like something's missing, but this is definitely a step in the right direction...

The Quiet App - image 2 - student project


Update 1 (3/26)

I decided to make the bullhorn icons a bit more interesting, and then pointed them all at the middle, which helped a lot. Also added a basic iPhone/iPad icon shading, switched the background to grey (not dark red) with a pattern, and extend the ripple effect into the center icon. I'm feeling a lot better about it today. I need to add text to all the icons, and the background and ripple effect still need work. I liked the first couple of pattern lessons quite a bit...

The Quiet App - image 3 - student project


Update (3/25)

Been a little pressed for time, but I've got a core digital version together. I'm trying to decide on icons for "loud" and "quiet" - I want to make it clear that quiet is a choice being made. The idea is that ripples will spread from the center button to quiet the noise, but that's getting lost in the current design (the loud is a bit too effective). I was also thinking of pointing all the megaphones in at the center...

The Quiet App - image 4 - student project


Pardon the scan below - sketching is a bit new to me, and my pen choice needs rethinking :)

A year or so ago, I was doing yoga at home while my toddler headbutt my leg and the cat was trying to lick my face, and it got me thinking - Quiet is easy in a studio with the right music and candles and comfy pants. The challenge is to carry quiet with you into the real world.

I'm thinking about an idea where all of the noises in my life (traffic, meetings, kids, etc.) are apps/icons, and quiet is an app in the middle. The challenge is to choose quiet, consciously, even with all of those other apps...

The Quiet App - image 5 - student project

I'm thinking that the [Quiet] app could be large, or just have space carved out around it somethow. Maybe keep it on par with the others, but use the background to indicate that the noise stops around the [Quiet] app. It could even be empty space. I'll have to play with that. Each "noise" app would get a minimalist icon. Color/texture will take some work, to make the end result interesting without being too busy.

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