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The Quest for Cupcakes

Starting this project today... Coming up with interesting ideas can be the hardest part, BUT I've pretty much settled on one.

1. The Kidnapping: Some friends and I were getting together to go out on the lake, and hang out (typical summer activities) One friend wasn't answering their phone at all, and instead of leaving them out we decided to drive over to her house and kidnap her for the afternoon. We show up to find her doing a large amount of yard work which we are roped into helping her for a good few hours before we can leave.

2. Camping Adventures: The one and only time I've ever been camping, we happened to pick the weekend with the worst storms of the summer. We had laptops connected with extension cords that went thre deep puddles and the 6 of us crammed into one tent and on the one airmattress to keep afloat. The thunder was so loud hoever some of us couldn't sleep and we ended up dancing in the rain trying to make the best of it.

3. Cupcake Questing: I went to Chicago for a craft fair with my boyfriend at the time and we also wanted to head out to a cupcake shop that was in the area. It was a rainy drippy sort of day, the kind that just soaks into you, and after walking the fair, my boyfriend went to the car and grabbed an umbrella. I had a hoddie, but was still soaking wet and he, being much taller than me, held the umbrella up so high that it just dripped on me the entire way. We get to the shop, and it's closed for the weekend. Mildly upset at this point, some big football player-like guys showed up and were mad that the shop was closed too. One notices us (I a puddle, and him dry) and he tells my boyfriend off for letting me stand in the rain.

More to come!


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