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The Queen Of My Heart


Hey guys, how are you?

Thank you Jake for creating and sharing this course with us, I have learned a lot.

So here it is, after 12 straight hours in front of the computer (I am a civil engineer, no creation background whatsoever lol) here is my masterpiece. That is 12 hours to come up with an idea, sketch on paper, learn Illustrator, recreate the idea on Illustrator, learn the course, create the AE project and finalize the work.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further due, "The Queen of my Heart".

I tried to add a rotation to the playing cards as they hovered towards the center, but since the elements of the playing cards were on different layers, I had a hard time trying to make them spin around the same anchor point.

Anyway, I am very pleased with the result, but now all I wanna do is shut down my computer and get some sleep haha.

Mission accomplished!


Jake, I took your advice and made a new version. Since the parenting wasn't working properly on the file I had, I started all over. I can tell it was much easier this time haha.

Here it is, the new and (hopefully) improved, "The Queen Of My Heart":

As you can see the rotation was added and the text repositioned.

I also managed to scale their mouths without losing quality, like was happening before. The growing heart in the end was added for curiosity and learning purposes, maybe the circle was better.

Anyway, super excited with the outcome!

Here are some pictures of my concept sketching:

Again, awesome course, loved to learn a bit of After Effects here!

Looking forward to keep improving!



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