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The Purple Dress

The Purple Dress

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name”... a dull hum came over the living room.  Her little girl playing in front of the tv, touching the flat screen, again she yells to her “don’t touch the tv!”. She gets up, pushes the laundry to one side of the couch. “When are you going to fold the clothes”?  “This weekend, i’m tired from work, he says”.  She already knows it will be another week before she is able to sit on her couch again.  She sighs and goes downstairs to the kitchen.  Pulling out a few items, she puts on her music, props up her small kitchen tv, turns on the stove and starts to chop, and hum, and twirl around.  Savory smells of coconut rice, and chicken fill the air.  Platting everything so perfectly, making the table, lights a candle, and call the family for dinner’.  “Didn’t you make this last week” he asked.  Yes, but with a vegetable, not salad.  No attention to details, the fight doesn't end until their little girl starts yelling.  He goes to bed, and she starts her routine of putting the little one to sleep.  Afterwards, she goes into the basement, for a few minutes alone with her violin.  The best 30 minutes of the day.  Then off to bed, to do it all again.  

At the grocery, she bumps into a lady. ”This town is so small, you can’t help but bump into someone”, said the stranger in the purple dress.  “tell me about it’  Something about the way the lady in the purple dress, looked into her eyes, made her nervously blush.  The lady seemed nice but strangely extroverted. Her car broke down near by as she traveled cross country, so she figured she would stick around for a few days.  “I have two tickets to a musical later this evening, seeing that you are the only friend i have, lets go.”  “Well i have to get home, and pick up my daughter, and cook, sounds great, but i don't know.  The lady in the purple dress grabs her hand, ‘i would love for you to go, my treat, and besides, the way i see it- you owe me one’.  In an unusually bold move, she texted her husband then turned off her phone.  Everything inside of her started to feel funny.  ‘what am i doing?, what if something happens to me?’  But something about how she grabbed her hand, and smile, she couldn't resist her.  She was trapped in her force field and found herself leaning in for a kiss.  

Banging on the door, the husband yelled at her to get out the tub. She woke up and realized, she dozed off.  Daydreaming again.

She finishes up in the bathroom, goes silently in her room, locks the door and packs.  A few essentials, her violin, and her favorite purple dress.  She leaves the note and house keys on the table.

“Road trip, don’t wait up for me.”

(500 words)



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