The Punch, KAPOW! :D

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hi everyone, I'm Keertan, am 19 and from Malaysia. I'd like to tell a little more about myself in the future, but for now I'm just gonna go ahead with my first assignment :D 

So the 3 ideas that I came up with are

No 1. I Quit! --- This is the story of how I quit pre-university studies this year and started my journey on finding out what life realy has in store for me. It would show (A) why I started to think about qutting my studies, (B) the pain I went through when I felt like my life was meaningless waking up an going to school everyday, (C) me finding out about how alot of great people have done amazing things in their life without have a college or university education, (D) me going to school and quitting

No 2. Driving to School for the 1st Time --- A fun story about 20 mins of raging drivers, loud honks, nearly killing a few people and driving into a wall during my attempt at parking:)

No 3. The Punch, KAPOW! :D --- A story about me punching a guy from a group of guys in class that I had always hated because they used to pick on my geeky friends. This guy(his name was Bazli), was pointing a light at m face during class, a series of event leads to the teacher finding out they have not done their homework in a few months. They get punished, they pick a fight with me, I punch Bazli, and they never bother me again :D One of the prowdest moments of m school life.

And the story that I picked isssssssssssss (drumroll) drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... NO 3. THE MOST SATISFYING PPUNCH I HAVE EVER GIVEN SOMEONE!!! :D It just is full of relatable characters, I want a clear outcome in this story, there is a lot of room for creative exageration, and I think It has a good blend of comical value and also emotional intensity. :D 

More updates will come in the next two days.

Thx for reading up till here, whoever is reading this :D I really do want your feedback, so just blurt out whatever you're thinking about my project so far. Thanks :D

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Alright! Today imma start my reasearch. I figured I'll start researching on the most important part of the story, the punch! I wanted to start by looking at how the face contorts when you punch someone. So i google searched some images of funny punches and this is what I've picked out so far.


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