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The P's in Patagonia- Jacob Gordner

Positioning- Patagonia really creates an image for themselves as a modern company with a quality product. It is environmentally sensitive and stands out among other companies with similar gear.

Pricing- The price is not well advertised which makes sense. These jackets are very expensive and seeing a high price could deter potential customers very quickly. That being said, the quality speaks for itself.

Placement- Patagonia seems to be placed with quality outdoor gear with some form of either sustainability or altruism.    

Promotion- The ad, “Don’t buy this jacket” is refreshing and I found it really funny. It has the same feel as the Dollar Shave Club’s ads, confident and comical.

Permission- Patagonia would not serve well as interruption marketers. They have a perfectly good market of ecofriendly and outdoor loving people that can be targeted.

Purple- There must be something special about Patagonia because I find myself wanting their products even though they do not really fit my lifestyle.

Publicity- I think they are smart to start away from any traditional commercials or billboards. Away from the spotlight they have much more freedom to focus on their image and website.

PR- The brilliant move to call themselves out on the way they negatively impact the environment and demonstrating efforts in response is extremely effective. It’s always favorable to address the opposition.  

Placebo- The gear last so long that I doubt many people will send it back, especially because people get used to their items and may even cherish any tarnishing.

Pavlov- When I think of Patagonia, I immediately think of rugged and classy outdoorsmen.

Personalization- I like that Patagonia charges their customers with the same values of the company. It builds an idea around the product and creates a stronger association than just a jacket.


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