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The Promethean

Getting Started

Super excited to put some texture into vector art! Starting to learn means practice within confounds and guidelines (learn the rules before I do what I do best, which is try to bend them). So, to start, here is the submission for my texture  practice runs. (you may see that colours and shapes are slightly different, as I wanted to create those from scratch myself). Visually, it seems like I am heading towards the desired texture and framework achieved within the artstyle.


Step 1 - Skteching Artwork

So, I find that with 90% of any sort of design/artwork, one must first take to a pencil (or tablet) to solidify that idea in your head into a composition. So, with the style I wish to achieve (above) implemented into the desired artwork (below sketch) lets see what I can come up with. I am very excited to take this sketch and bring it to life!


Step 2 - Black and White Vector Drawing

Time to take to illustrator! From drawing to sketch was quite a challenge, as shapes and curves behave much different than a pencil. Maticulously drawing, redrawing, recurving, retouching and re-reing absolutely every detail takes time...and alot of it, but believe me when I say that it is an absolute necessity to creating the perfect drawing. The below image is a representation is a screenshot at 3/4 of completion of a black and white vector drawing. I want to be sure my lighting and colour scheme will be accurate, and the main focus will be on the drawing, the effect will only amplify the detail and shading of the drawing, creating a unique style to the illustration. Can't wait to colourize and add style to this bad boy.

(a wild maraculous accident may have appeared...refer back to my sketch. I have noticed that my "garbage" sketch that I have drawn on the back is bleeding into the front of the drawing. It almost looks like a deteriorating robot far in the distance. I may keep this in mind for future proofs)


Step 3 - Final (colour & Texture)

There you have it! A monochromatic colour palette (maybe 5 colours in total) used in a combination of blurs, grain effects, and gradients. This piece took me quite some time as details were very technical. Overall, I am happy with the piece!

(oh, and that maraculous mistake ended up not working with my composition, maybe next time!)



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