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The Process of Antiquity


The Early History of Rome

The original cover of the book I chosen,i.e  The Penguin Classic edition,

below are my book designs,


                                    Livy:The Early History of RomeStill Standing the Forum Ancient Rome Wallpapers.jpg

I have chosen a Penguin Classic as the template of my project,their design is practically flawless in a variety of iterations,

I feel that in its simplicity and minimalism,less is more in other words,can show what the book's message is without trying to oversell it,a main reason I have many 

Penguin Classics in my collection,for this book cover design basically any picture of Rome would do,

but for this book on Ancient Rome by Titus Livy I feel that to show the ancient ruins or  buildings falling apart would be relevant,and convey the emotion of the history of the entire era and location,


                                            The Early History of



There are numerous images to show the book I chose and its message,Rome is a timeless city and the photography is beyond excellent and nearly infinite to choose from,

so I chose for my project ,either Ancient ruins,mosaics or a statue bust,

when going for a book such as this,available from Penguin Classics,simplicity is the  main thing, if you want to convey what a book is about,less is more as I've already mentioned,

whereas If I did another book I would have to do more rigourous research and take down more notes,this book,a fave of mine needs no such thing.

thank you for reading and viewing my project,

Tony Solomun

                                  Livy:The Early History of Rome



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