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The Prisoner

Step 1:

Ok, so here's my first set of thumbnails.

I'm looking for an enslaved norse character who breaks free and starts a bloody revenge. Still don't decide whether he's going to be in his 40's, or definitely be a tough old man.

I tried to reflect some of his rage and attitude, and at the same time aiming for a ragged, defiant look. I'm struggling a bit with the simplicity of his outfit, as he is a fugitive. The challenge is to give him an interesting look preserving the simplicity. Hope I can pull it off.

He's going to be the next videogame badass :)


Step 2:

Ok, this is step 2 (refining). I chose the ones that received possitive feedback from my classmates (thank all you guys) ...which also matched the ones I liked the most.

I feel the character is starting to get some more personality. Hope I'm not ruining it! 


Refined version:


Step 3: Variations

It took me a while, but here are my variations. I picked the central thumbnail from the previous step as I felt it had energy and the overall silhouette would allow for a couple of variations. 

Ok, here it goes:


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