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Keenon Ferrell

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The Prince of Egypt

Discovered how to embed the vimeo link, so pla dowww!!!  haha

Sooooo, after watching the tutorial and playing around with after effects for a few days, I finally got the hang of some of the practices and here is my final result of a project. I choose to do a minimalist depiction of The Prince of Egypt (by far the most stunning animated film of the past 20 years.) 

I love the art direction of the film, particularly their interpertation of egyptian design. I really wanted to focus on that more than the biblical aspect of the film only because the artist handled the egyptian elements so beautifully. Here is the reference that I based my project off of. 


These are the feelings I get when I look at this 

  • grand
  • elegant
  • powerful
  • epic
  • sleek

Essentially what I did was I traced the stone statue, and simplified the disign as best I could while keeping the original idea. This is a perfect example of the power and epic scale that is laced throughout the film, without going to in depth into the story. 

Here is a link to the finished animation.


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