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The Present

My name is Scott Thrift and I believe that nothing is more important than making a long term, big picture perspective commonplace. I also believe that you cannot change the way people think, but you can provide a tool that allows them to change the way they think on their own.

I joined this class to get feedback, to learn more about The Present, what it means to others and how to help it grow. 

Class lessons below.

Me assembling ThePresent in upstate New York earlier this year.

From an Owner in Seattle

From an Owner in England



Guts to Skin 

I'm a filmmaker who has made hundreds of videos. Knowing that every video I made would be online 'forever' I did everything I coudl to infuse each piece with the quality of timelessness. 

Eventually, I made so many videos that I felt as if I were simply manufacturing time in 3:30 chunks.

So I decided to level up, go straight to the source and materialize the timeless quality itself in the form of ThePresent.

Skin to World  

There is a global epidemic of shortening attention spans & the symptom of all of this noise is to yearn for a return to nature. 

Our hearts & minds deserve space to grow, space to think, space to live. What we are hungry for is a new time horizon. A scale of time large enough to encompass any life you can imagine. A scale of time that doesn't tick our lives away into arbitrary moments. A scale of time that is a lot less like a computer and I lot more like life. ThePresent introduces a new big picture perspective on time. 


Not Really Popular Culture Commandment 

"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand."



Presenting the commandement 

This class has refined my messaging and pushed me to simplify my cause. The feedback and dialogue between other project creators has pushed me to land on what I consider not only a commandement, but a slogan, mnuemonic device and punchy clarion call for ThePresent all in one. 

Learn fast how to live slow.

This works perfectly becasue it accepts that the culture we live in expects immediate gratification. It speaks to the audiences hunger for immediacy while inviting them into a new dimension. I was thinking "Learn quickly how to live slowly." at first - but I think in this case, fewer letters is the way to go. 


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