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The Practice of Art

May 9, 2016

First sketch: Rock Dove
Medium: Colored Pencil

I love drawing and painting birds and botanicals but those pieces typically include a lot of detail (and take a lot of time). My goal for my sketchbook is to work on a "less is more" approach and not get so hung up on details. We'll see how I do as I keep practicing. Here's to creating magic!


Second Sketch: Market Day
Medium: Watercolor

The muse was having some fun with me convincing me to paint a figure study. Still focusing on the overall feeling of the subject rather than the little details. Overall pretty happy with this one.


I liked the idea of creating a bowl of prompts for when it's hard to decide on what to draw/paint. It also seems to fit the theme of magic nicely :)

Thanks for a great class Ria!



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