The Power of Action

The Power of Action - student project

I believe we have a lot of great stories since heroes, fantasy, adventure, politicians, etc. But the story I like to share today is a little bit common, without all the polishment of a hero story or a guy that surpassed his fears for a noble cause. No, no, this story is about a homeless and the power of an action at the right moment!

We begging in a night in the city of Aracaju in the state of Sergipe in Brazil, very specif hum? So, that night I and my friends were drinking some beer and talk about actions and the importance of taking the right action at the moment require.

A couple of hours we have spent talking about how people these days never do what is right when the time comes, they pick up their phones and start to film a violent scene instead of helping that one who is suffering that violent act and a man come closer to us and say:

Homeless -- Hey! I couldn't stop listening to your conversation so I like to share a story with you guys, do you mind?

Us -- Sure! No problem, go ahead!

At this moment I remember something an old friend tell me weeks ago "everyone has an interesting story to tell, everyone!".

That man told us about a night when they are in the city of São Paulo years ago under an overpass sicking refuge from the rain and a couple of men try to bully him with offenses and threats. This doesn't bother him, he looks for that men and says:

Homeless -- If want to punch me is good to be ready because I'll not get it for free!

The guys stop talking and look to him, he said they turned around and leave.

Weeks passed since this incident and he is walking close to the Tiête river when he saw that man who was threatening him weeks ago, the guy is very drunk and he is walking at the side of the river when he stops to pie.

Until here nothing new, but the point is the man lost his balance and fall at the river margins and everyone closer starts to scream for help, others start to film and others don't make anything.

Our homeless friend start to run and jump into the river margins trying to save our drunk guy, he ended up cutting himself with wires and branches that were there, but in the end, he was able to grab a pipe that was stuck on the bank and ended up saving the life of our drunk friend.

A lot of commotion follows and weeks pass until that drunk guy finally encounter our homeless friend again, and they say:

Drunk Guy -- Thank you man, you've saved my life, I have to say thank you to you because if it was me in your situation, I'll probably don't make the same for you.

Our friend ends his story, drink a beer and follow his path.

Since that day I try to live my life with this in mind, is a quote of Albus Dumbledore who perfectly illustrates the scene "Sometimes we will need to choose to do what is easy or to do what is right!".