The Positive, The Negative



Aira was in a forest where the nymphs were whirring around subtly and beautifully. The remnant of their shine was vividly shining through them as he walked below them. They were dancing in the spectral void of what is divine and natural to date, Aira saw the forest in an intriguing way as he saw what would happen if the land were mostly covered in green. This would be it.




Pol was weary and limply walked across the dark forest in a time when all he saw were mostly dark trees and shrubs that were magically laced with poison dust and where dwindling hours would go by. Pol needed time to rest, he was feeling angry that he was here, he had no choice but to suffer in the hands of the forest eels scattering all over the clouds. The clouds were dark and menacing but Pol was determined to get past all that and headed for the Citadel of Hope.