The Portfolio of Sydnee Davidson

The Portfolio of Sydnee Davidson - student project


I built my current site  ( using Dreamweaver, but got stuck on doing a few things I had envisioned doing, such as light boxes or gallery slide shows, that I'm hoping to learn and figure out through this class.

For this class I'm basically rebuilding my site from scratch.  It can be viewed here.


I've updated the Contact page with a contact form.

I decided to embed a Flash slide show from Flickr into my Art page.  I noticed it didn't say "iframe" anywhere in the code that Flickr supplied, so I'm not sure if it still counts.  If I had a graphics real ready and uploaded to YouTube, I would have done for my Motion page instead.

I don't really see myself using tables in my site, so I put a dummy table on the Photo page.  A scale from 1 to 5 on how much I like certain subject matters.

Everything except the Flickr code was clear when I validated codes.  I'm not familiar with it enough to know why it's not liking everything.


I've included the HTML5 semantics and meta tags to each of my pages.  Embeded video(s) to my motion graphics page, although it seems to be taking forever to load.  It was a project I worked on years ago, and converted from a Quicktime video to both MP4 and OGV.  The mp4 is only 600+ KB, so it should be loading fast, right?

Also, are images counted as "figures"?


I've created a CSS style that took care of all the text on each of my pages.  An issue I ran into was being able to have my navigation links both be styled the way they are while having the current page be a different font color, while still allowing the "hover" color appear.  I think there was some kind of conflict.  So the Nav section is a Class Selector while the current page link is a ID Selector.  The Pseudo Selectors don't seem to work with Class Selectiors.  I don't mind it not working, it might actually be better that way.  I was able to get them to work for the social network links at the bottom.


This one took me a while to get through since there was so much video to watch.  I'm about 80% done with the layout of the site now, though.  I have to find a few more pictures to add to the About and Contact page.  I also still need to figure out how to get my video to work.  The glitch I noticed with my site, right now, is that each time you click to another page, it does a flash, as if it's taking a while to load.  Maybe it's a font issue?  The background images aren't that large...

The next things I'll probably want to do is add my hand-drawn icons for the navigation and the social network sites.