The Politics


Politics is a very, very crucial to talk about. There will be a time where you can disagree to the opinion of someone and hurt their feelings, even if it is your family or friend. And most of the time, there will be some people will agree with you. But why is it so hard to talk about Politics these days?

With the rise of social media, blogs, and vlogs, we can get our opinions on these channels without opening our books or going to the library. Just google it, that's what we often hear or say whenever someone ask us in a certain topic. 

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, but sometimes when things get heated, we often misunderstood the context out of it. We were driven by the rise of emotion than being sympathetic. It is easy to compare  our living situation to the situation of other people, not knowing that we are different in our own way. 

But here's the thing? How can we eliminate the social injustice when it is also innate and hone in our experiences? 

That is the reason why we need a safe discussion rather than arguing into topic. I recently experienced to be in a safe discussion in an internet and I felt blessed after that because we can educate each other without stepping out of the line.

Yes, we need our voice heard. But, my voice feel like giving up to the social injustice, and I'm too exhausted of the same cycle, going over and over into my life, thinking if there's still a chance to stop the corruption, harassment, and injustice.