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Creative Brief Overview for my client JANE SISAM creator of The Pink Cow Company


Jane Sisam is a solpreneur veterinarian based in a rural NZ town. Her current brand identity does not reflect her unique perspective or tell visitors to her blog what she does.


To reposition the Jane Sisam brand so that it reflects more accurately her unique striving instincts and approach. This will help to attract the right type of clients for her.

Target Audience

Lifelong learning dairy farming couples of any age who value collaboration and are seeking cost effective, scientific, animal health solutions.They own 500 cows or more and live in N.Z.


Jane Sisam has a genuine love of dairy cows together with a broad knowledge base. She will affirm your strengths and work together with you to increase the profitability of your business.


General practising veterinarians in NZ who provide innovative programs for dairy farmers. Farm consultants e.g. Tonya Greig. Nutrition consultants aligned to a company selling feed or mineral and trace element pre-mixes. Independent nutritionists e.g. Scott Freeman. Other educators like Ag ITO teaching in the area.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Jane Sisam stands out from this competition in the following ways.

  • She loves to teach and has time to do it
  • Will work collaboratively to improve the financials of the business
  • Is not a practising veterinarian so unable to dispense antibiotics, vaccines or sell other animal health products.
  • She creates/teaches them what they don't know they need as opposed to giving them what they want. Refer to a Feb 5th 2015 blog post by Seth Godin Give the people what they want    

Creative considerations

For colour palette her favourites are pink, blue, green and yellow

Try logo with or without the wings

Try a more condensed logo

Try design options within a container

Tone or Key Words

Genuine                              Down to Earth                                  Gregarious Loner

Sensitive                             Intuitive


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