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The Pilates Studio: Strengthening Community One Core at a Time

Katrina and I fell in love with our jobs.  We were unsupervised employees- our bosses always off sight, never quite understanding the people we served everyday, the work we did, the relationships we established.  

Over 11 years physical place were worked became our second home, our hearts fell in love with our clients.  We dreamt of places the studio could go, but as employees we were ridiculously limited.  We hatched a plan. We knew the daily business of our Pilates studio was invested in us- not the absent owners.  

We made an offer.  We were young.  Unfortunatly we had nothing to invest but our passion.  We spent everynight for weeks sitting in my living room taking turns entertaining my 3 y/o, sharing stories from the past 11 years ("remember when Alice, who was 65 totally showed up those young collage students during their first Pilates Mat class?  remember when Mary, Glen, Carol and Cynthia all discovered they were turning 60 during the same month and invited us to have a birthday party with them?) and writing a killer business plan that would make any bank want to give us plenty of money to buy what felt so natually ours. 

Jack and Katrina working on the business plan

Our clients came forward, all offering ways to help us achieve our dream to run the studio as we saw fit.  The way we saw they deserved.  With support, contributions and high fives we made the change from employees to owners.  Aside from a few appointments (with the bank, the landlords and the lawyer) that day was business as usual.  Help Dave recover from his marathon the day before, support Jacqui for getting out of bed that day, Teach Mary techiniques to help her knee pain  so she could continue walking everday.  

The studio bloomed.  The small eye sores- like the missing chairrail on one wall of the studio and the leaky bathroom sink were fixed after years of neglect.  The uncomfortable and awkward waiting area was transformed after just a little thought and a few trips to Target.  Spending a bit of money on a graphic designer instead of using a word document transformed our brand and image.  With care and attention our plants, pets, children and apparently Pilates Studios thrive! 


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