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Amber Benton

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The Pig's Tale

Final Artwork

I decided I could do a better job so I have begun again - and after recreating the wolf I'm so glad I did. I'm much happier with the way this guy looks!



I'm not sure if I'm done. This was a whole new technique for me and I feel like I rushed through. I may give it another go later this weekend.



Current Progress

Current progress...


Three comical pigs...


Here they are in the composition...


Playing around with a new tecnique - just sort of winging it as I go...


Sketch #1

For this cover I chose to depict the ravenous desire the wolf had for the little pigs. All he could think about was eating them up. The title is The Pig's Tale  instead of The Pigs' Tale with the apostrophe there to signify that only one little pig lives to tell the tale.


Sketch 2

For this cover design I chose a landscape format. The little pig in the first scene is huddled inside his house and all you can see is his tail. In the next scene there will be more branches and you will mostly be able to see the snout and hoofs of the second littel pig. The pig in the third scene is hanging out in his comfy chevron chair watching his retro refurbished TV with a remote in his hoof. The picture on the wall is the picture in the first sketch. The title is a countdown.


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