The Pharmacist Answers Podcast

The Pharmacist Answers Podcast - student project

The Pharmacist Answers Podcast

The Pharmacist Answers Podcast was born July 16, 2015, very soon after I discovered Periscope and started sharing my "expertise" since my full-time job is as a pharmacist.

I love seeing people's "eureka" moments when they finally understand something about their own health and body and when they get that look of confidence that they now know how to take action for themselves.

The "day job" doesn't allow much room for this part of my passion, so through Periscope and a little encouragement from a friend, I dove into podcasting headfirst.

So in 16 months, I have ~ 70 episodes and what seems to be a decent listener base (Libsyn shows ~900 downloads/month) but very little engagement.  Therefore, I am unsure where they are all coming from (I am most active on Facebook - but I have a Page and not a Group...may have to change that).  But I seem to see a lot of Podcasters be very active on Twitter... but I just can't seem to get it.

Considering Patreon to be a place where I can share in-depth information about the future of the podcast and become more involved with the fans who care about that future (aaaand my first Patron was my dad!)

Started a Call to Action campaign on the podcast to try to get reviews on different pod-catchers (iiTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, TuneIn Radio) and hope to be able to celebrate on my 100th episode.