The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera - student project

The Phantom of the Opera - image 1 - student project


I chose my project to design a book cover for The Phantom of the Opera (a play), because we just saw the play at the Detroit Opera Theater. It was a wonderful experience. My younger daughter plays a violin and had played "The Music of the Night" for Christmas recital. My older daughter is into theater, so since last weekend, we've been listening to music from The Phantom of the Opera almost non-stop! (especially when school was off for 4 days because of the severe cold weather!)

After the play, I felt strongly that somehow I wanted to express the Phantom was the "angel of the music." I loved the time period, so I used some ornate style. 

The Phantom of the Opera - image 2 - student project

I can probably fill the space more with flourishes, just wanted to upload today :) 

Not sure what to do about color. I like simple one or two colors. 

The Phantom of the Opera - image 3 - student project

This is just an experiment. 

Any comments will be appreciated! 




The Phantom of the Opera - image 4 - student project

The first version I didn't spend enough time for the type. So I revised to this one. I think it's closer to my original sketch :) 

The Phantom of the Opera - image 5 - student project


Thank you for productive critiques. I also revised to darker color, a deep gray, and wanted to mimic rusty gold color for line drawings and type. I also used red for roses as an accent which was iconic part of the story. I think I could fill some empty space if I keep working on it, but I'm done for now.

Answering the question, Jan, I originally thinking about make one side as "an angel of the music" and the other side is Phantom.. dark side. But then he isn't exactly all the way bad, also made upper part of drawing is above the ground Opera House, and bottom half is the basement of the Opera House, so I couldn't use both ideas. Plus, if I do the same both side, it's easier to make one and flip it in Photoshop. That's how it ended up :) 

Jessica— Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge! I have one question. You mentioned it briefly about iPad&ProCreate combo for work like this. I do a lot of line drawings for some work. Currently use old style pencil and sketchbook for sketch, then clean up in Photoshop & Illustrator. 

I'm trying to speed up the process and considering if iPad&ProCreate would do a trick or not. If you could give me more insight, I would really appreciate it! 



Makiko Orser
Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer