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The Persistence of Memory

A meal inspired by Salvador Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory'.

Planned food:
Breakfast sandwich on multigrain bagel, with egg, kale, tomato, sweet potato ' hash', dollop of ketchup.

Update: Dec. 14

Over the weekend I picked up some ingredients and played around with both composition and what to have in the food to get a nice colour palette similar to the painting. I also discovered that 'plating' is a lot harder than you'd think! After a few practice sessions, I'm hoping to have something worthy of posting by the weekend.

Update: Jan. 30

At long last, I had time to make, shoot and edit the photos of my breakfast sandwiches inspired by Salvador Dali's 'The Persistence of Memory'.

I created an omlette made of tomato, kale, avocado and egg on a 'Squirrelly' bagel, and another sandwich on a 'Rappleberry' bagel consisting of maple bacon with sweet potato hash.

I wanted a rustic look to the picture, so I placed them on a wooden cutting board on top of some burlap, and shot in low, natural light during a grey, rainy day.

I took a variety of shots with different compositions and angles, but thought this best represented the sandwiches while also staying true to the painting that was the source of inspiration. I tried to keep things simple with basic shapes - circules and rectangles - like Dali did, and a muted, earhy colour tone reminiscent of his pallette.

Source of Inspiration: The Persistence of Memory by Salvadore Dali


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