The Perfect Morning Routine

The Perfect Morning Routine - image 1 - student project

Primary Focus: To start loving myself the way I had hoped others would love me, take back control of my life, living out my purpose, creating the life that I want to live, becoming the best version of myself.

Habits to build: Get rid of something everyday, Meditate, Exercise, Yoga/Stretching, Journaling, Gratitude, Go outside, drink water

Theme for each day: 

Monday: Laundry day

Tuesday: Violin Practice/ Spanish learning/ Hobby day

Wednesday:Productivity day/ Errands

Thursday: All about me, self care

Friday: Do something new/interesting

Saturday: Reflection day/ Nature day

Sunday: All about the Children day

Morning Routine:

5:00 wake up, brush teeth, drink glass of water (15 mins)

5:15 Pump (30 mins

5:45 make tea, make green smoothie meditate (30 mins)

6:15 journal, gratitude, drink tea (15 minutes)

6:30 stretch/ yoga/ light exercise (30 minutes)

7:00shower/ get dressed (30 minutes)

7:30 wake up children/get them ready (30 minutes)

8:00 get out the door/ go to school