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The Perfect Hozier Lyrics for a Postcard


I just discovered the song Someone New recently, and I loved the song so much. The lyric, "Love with every stanger, the stranger, the better," especially lingered with me. It's such good word play, and I lettered it on a notebook. After messing around on a sheet of paper of possible styles, I ended up with this:


There's something so free and evocative in the meaning of it, and I thought, "Hey, who not make it my project for this class?" The theme of it would do wonderfully on a postcard. 

It's a monumental task to digitize it, I would say. I have no prior knowledge of Illustrator, except for the basic use of the Live Trace option, but I'm going with the Pen tool. It's excruciating. 



I'm done with the words! I'm not yet done with the shadows, but all the same, I feel such a strong sense of pride. It has been slow, working on it, but I feel great, knowing that I can edit it all. The great thing about digital is I can alter all the parts I'm not pleased with. I straightened out some lines, and I'm sure I'm not the only one struggling with perfect circles if it's not digital. 


And here we go. 



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