Quentin Ames

Graphic Design / Illustration



The Pendergast Blast @ 18th and Vine

Here are the textures that I actually used.









I made more textures than this, but here are the ones that I actually used during the project. I have to say that creating these things and the actual application for this process is certainly going to take some practice. I am semi happy the way this turned out, but it's only up from here. 

The inspiration from my project came from Kansas City during the 1920's & 30's. In that time period Kansas City was a mecca for gambling, prostitution, and Illegal drinking. The city was wide open and because of that, jazz musicians came here to play. It was fun city, you could have all night jams and not a word was said. There was certainly a lot of gritty stuff that went on and I can assure you these guys played hard and lived hard. 

The person who ran Kansas City at the time was a man named Tom Pendergast. He was the city's largest political boss in history and nothing went on that he didn't approve of. I just wanted to pay a little homage to him and the history of the city. Because of him Charlie Parker became who he was and Be Bop was invented. The sax player in this is roughly based on Charlie Parker.   

Here is my actual project



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