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The Pen Tool

This was the best class I've ever taken about using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator!  I never could understand how to use it - and after taking this class, I found out that I had been attempting to use it entirely wrong!  Dawid's  explanations were very thorough and made perfect sense, as I took the time to follow along with every step. 

The grey letters are the original font I used.  It's called "Paper Cute" which I got from TheHungryjpeg.com. 


The pink letters are what I created with the pen tool.  Of course, the most difficult letters were the C, R and the dot on the exclamation point.  However, knowing how to use the pen tool and the direct selection tool made the other letters easier as well.


This was a really worthwhile class that I'd recommend to anyone who's having trouble with the pen tool.  I definitely need more practice with the pen tool - but now I have the knowledge to be able to practice!   


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