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Sally-Ann Langley

Designer and Illustrator



The Pearl by John Steinbeck

This is my first project on Skillshare, I'm pretty excited to see how this process works. I have long been a fan of Jessica's work and really enjoyed the class sessions.

The book I picked is The Pearl, by John Steinbeck. I chose it because he's one of my favorite authors and because it's a powerful story that explores man's nature and his capacity for greed and evil. The story is about a diver who finds “The Pearl of the World, a pearl of unimaginable size and beauty. Tragically, instead of bringing great fortune and good luck, the opposite happens. A tragic series of events ensue, preceded by his son being stung by a scorpion. The pearl ends up bringing evil forces into his life which destroy everything he holds dear. It brings out the worst in everyone, including the protagonist. In the end he loses everything.

Steinbeck uses a lot of imagery and symbolism in his story. They are:

The Pearl (takes on different appearances in the story)

The Scorpion (foreshadows evil to come)

The Gulf (ocean, kelp, sea creatures, shells)

The letter I chose was P, I wanted to explore the ideas of good v. evil. Also that beauty (the pearl) can hide darkness within causing tragedy to strike.

I started out writing all the words that came to mind, then did some quick sketch ideas.

Once I had the ideas roughed out I took my sketches onto the computer. Here's option 1.


Option 2.

I would welocome feedback and any suggestions. Thank you! 


Decided to revisit my research and delve deeper



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