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The Payback Manifesto: Stay Connected, Impact Globally, Expand Heart

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." - Goethe

What do I love?

I love design, I love physicality (troubleshooting / creating / completing tasks with my whole body and mind) I love Love LOVE music, I love art, I love learning and thinking about solutions, i love problem solving in creative ways, i love being unique, I love connecting communities, I love being in the middle of big huge happenings, I love dreaming and do it with more presence and passion than anything else in my world right now. 

Why am I here?

The reason I chose to sign up for this course is to explore and hone skills that will allow me to not only dream wildly but to transition those dreams into reality. I understand that for my project (The Payback) I lack a true complete understanding of what it is and what I want it to grow into being. I find that if i read enough, think enough, talk enough, play enough, I can almost see the completion of this project, but when it comes to getting started, I don't have any clue what the questions are I need to ask to find the answers to help me move forward and succeed. Now is the time to dream so big there's room for everyone to live in it. 

 Just think of all the people's dreams we're living in now!

The Project:

Name: The Payback 

Platform: website / event

Impact: Eliminate Student Debt 

Structure: Educate. Celebrate. Elevate 

Where do I start?


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