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Sean Nemetz

Motion Designer, Illustrator



The Path

  • This logotype is being designed for use in an annual Christian conference for men. The conference is called Pure & Simple, the basic concept is to inspire and show how taking the high road pays off in the long run.  This year's theme is "The Path", so I will be designing the logotype for the theme and use "The Path" to create a logotype. 
  • The logo will need to be strong, easily legible, have a sense of class and have movement.
  • It will be used on invitations, posters, web, banners and possiblly more.


  • These logotypes inspire me for their masculinity, class, and movement. The ampersand in the top left is particularly inspiring for this theme as it creates a path out of the form.


Here are a bunch of sketches and variations. I got locked into the idea of incorporating a path into the letterforms. The goal now is to find which way this works the best.


These are basically the 3 best working sketches so far. I found the top one to be working the best, except that the letter "A" is capitalized, which I'm not quite sure if that's a good or bad decision. It does carry the swooping line well...


Here is the best one so far vectorized. I was able to make some adjustments to the angles, kerning and overall shapes here.

At this point, I am welcoming any input the community may have. This is my first time trying handlettering a logotype and will benefit from any thoughts you have to share. What is working? What is not?

Thank you Scott for a great class, you made this seemingly intimidating foray into a more approachable learning experience for me. Sharing your process was very helpful in particular.

Thank you for viewing my project.

Sean Nemetz


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