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The Path transforming Doodles to Designs

I always was a big fan of Jon Burgerman, so it is an honor to be part of this class and learn with all you guys!

I decided to do all of the exercises and force me to draw every single day. From August to this final month of the year, I can see the evolution! And it is great!

So, as long as I draw, I was keeping better and better, and now I could synthesize the elements and put them in balance.

And those are the ones I consider the best:

My site will be open 01/03/15 with all the best stuff, so I would like that you stay tuned to see. I also have a Facebook page, Instagram with all the process, and I’ll be so happy if you guys like them and share! Thank you so much Jon, for share this knowledge with us. Waiting to do a collaboration with you soon!


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