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The Patagonia Project

1. Positioning

-Patagonia made sure to "find a slot that already exists" in peoples brains. There are tons of people in the world that like to do serious outdoor activities, and these jackets seem great for people with these personalities. Patagonia definitely reaches out to a specific group of people based on their advertisements. They also reach out to people that are in need of a reliable jacket.

2. Price

-Patagonia doesn't discuss price at all in the advertisement. However, the advertisement does hint that these jackets will not exactly be a cheap investment. Since these jackets are made for extreme conditions, and are deemed water proof and have breathable protection, the customer should expect to pay a little extra.

3. Placement

-Patagonia does a nice job investing in a nice space up in New York. They have a link that shows pictures of their new space. Hopefully there are a lot of people in New York that are interested in outdoor sport since the pictures give off this sort of feeling. They show surfboards and wesuits along with the jackets. If they can expand their store to other locations across the nation, I would suggest Colorado. 

4. Promotion

-They definitely create an emotion in the consumer. Patagonia causes the consumer to have the urge to go traveling and to take risks. They make the consumer to want to take life by the reigns.

5. Permission

-Patagonia earns the audiences attention through a nice picture and they even have a video for the viewer to click on. They have nice visuals that grab the readers attention. The advertisement that warns the audience not to buy a certian brand of jacket is also something that stands out and will cause people to look further into this specific brand.

6. Purple

-One major thing that Patagonia does to make their product worth talking about is the "Common Threads Initiative". They show that they value their customers through this. People will see this and definitely speak well of Patagonia.

7. Publicity

-They have a video, pictures, and a website. I like that they aren't too up in the customers face. They give just a enough to give their audience a taste of their product.

8. Public Relations

-The Patagonia website does a great job with telling a story. They give us a glimpse of what they aim to do and why their products are significant. I do wish a got a little more of this on the advertisement on Skillshare. I had to do a little more research in order to understand more about Patagonia.

9. Placebo

-The people that work for Patagonia seem to have confidence and really enjoy what they promote. They seem to have faith in their organization which is great and will cause other people to take interest.

10. Pavlov

-The best example of this is the "Common Threads Initiative" that I mentioned earlier. It shows that they take care of their customers.

11. Persistence

-They seem quite persistent in the fact that they continue to uphold their promise and follow their mission. That definitely will build trust.

12. Place

-They remind people of their social and envioronmental responsibilities. The stories on their website show that they are a company with a lot of heart and fun to work with.

13. Personalization

-They seem to talk to customers in a casual light, which is nice.

14. People Like Us

-People don't take the time to care enough about social and enviromental causes. It's nice of Patagonia to stand up for social and environmental issues through their company. They are spreading their message to people.


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