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The Patagonia Project

How does Patagonia, the legendary clothing brand, use the 14 P's to build a priceless brand for the ages?

1. Positioning 

Patagonia sets themselves up to appeal to outdoorsy and adventurous people. They focus on selling a good product that is environmentally friendly and of high quality. 

2. Pricing

Patagonia sells things at top dollar because the quiality of the clothing is so high. The clothing lasts for a long time and they offer to help repair your Patagonia geer, making the high prices more worth it. 

3. Placement 

Patagonia places their clothing where it will sell. They put advertisments in outdoor magazines, put their clothing in stores in good sporting areas, and in stores with a heavy focus outdoor activities, like surfing or skiing. They know the people looking at their advertisments or walking into the stores will be interested in what they are selling.   


Patagonia draws people in and promotes their product by supporting and helping the environment. They are major contributors to environmental groups such as, 1% For the Planet alliance. They also support initaiatives such as the Worl Trout Initiative, Environmental Internships, the Conservation Alliance, and the Organic Exchange. Through their relationships with these environmental groups, Ptagonia promotes their brand and get the attention of many environmetal activists. 

5. Permission

Patagonia gets permission from customers to continue communicateing with them, as well as permission from environmental groups to talk to the activists involved with them. 

6. Purple

Patagonia has made itself worth talking about. They have focused on being an individual and have established that through their eco friendly product and relationships with those emotionally invested in helping the environment. 

7. Publicity

I have not personally seen a lot of commercials and ads from patagonia before, because I am not a very outdoorsy person. Yet, from looking at their ads I get to see both the beauty of nature and the enticing colors of their clothing. They do a good job of creating an intriguing and beutiful ad. 

8. PR

Patagonia focuses heavily on telling their story to their audience. They are focused on making a good product that does not harm the environment. Because their clientele are mostly environmentally friendly people, they want to create a product that they will be proud to use when going about their outdoor activities. 

9. Placebo

Patagonia focuses heavily on showing that they are eco-friendly, which therefore makes people trust that they are a good company and they then want to buy their clothes over others who do not care about the environment as much. 

10. Pavlov

They have trained their audience to expect quality, evironmentally friendly clothing. When you purchase something from them, you know it is going to last a long time and be one of the best options. 

11. Persistance

Patagonia continuously tells people that they are the best for outdoor clothing, both due to their high quality and environmentally friendly aspect. Therefore, when you need outdoor clothing you will definitely go to them over other brands that do not show their persistance for high quality clothing. 

12. Place

Their stores reflect their love for the outdoors. Their stores are modeled to have an outdoor feel, with very little remodeling. Their website contains ads with all types of weather and sports. They show that their clothing can be used for any ourdoor activity you want to do. 

13. Personalization

Patagonia personalizes their brand by showing how much they care for the environment and their customers. They make their clothing to be the best quality for their clients. They have become involved in multiple environmental groups and contribute to those groups. Patagonia cares to take things slow and make a good product instead of producing a lot of a mediocre product. 

14. People like Us

They have taken the time to really entice the people who love the environment and are active. They market towards those people who do outdoor activities and want to purchase a product from a company that will provide them with the best, which is Patagonia. The target their brand towards those environmental activists who really enjoy the outdoors and want to help the environment. 


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