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The Patagonia P List

Patagonia P List

Jenny Gallagher


  • Targets outdoorsy and adventurous people with active lifestyles who are involved in “silent” sports (surfing, skiing, climbing, running, ect.)
  • Is known as an environmentally friendly brand


  • Expensive product because it’s high quality
  • People believe their clothes are the best because of the high prices
  • $200 fleece jacket


  • Place their products in sporting good stores and ski shops because their customers shop there
  • “Patagonia” stores in large cities or outdoorsy towns (ex. Denver, CO)


  • Olympians and extreme sport athletes are sponsored or given free merchandise


  • Email marketing, social media- customers can subscribe to email or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


  • People talk about the comfort and quality of Patagonia clothing items
  • Hikers, mountain climbers and skiers all have stories related to their Patagonia merchandise
  • Patagonia is known as an environmentally friendly company and sells the best products for an active lifestyle


  • Press releases about their environmentally friendly habits and new merchandise
  • Advertisements that direct attention toward their target audience


  • The act of telling a story: Patagonia’s story is that they create the most comfortable and practical gear for any “silent” activity. You can wear it while snow skiing or while you’re running errands.
  • Press releases 

Placebo Effect

  • People believe Patagonia will keep them warmer and more comfortable than other brands. Their belief comes true because their customers trust the brand.


  • When customers think of rock climbing and/or extreme sports, they think Patagonia
  • When customers think of cold weather, they think Patagonia


  • Although they’ve expanded their brand to include other sports, their focus has always remained with sports that create “moments of connection in nature.”
  • Other sports may have bigger target audiences, but they’ve always been consistent with targeting a unique type of athlete
  • Their logo is stamped on every piece of item they sell


  • Their website reflects their brand (clean look, rock climbing pictures, nature)
  • Stores are surrounded by wood and reflects a nature-like environment


  • They connect with customers who share mutual interests with the brand
  • Hold events catered toward the beliefs of their audience (Ex. “Peoples Climate March” walk in NYC
  • Blog- connects with customers on a more personal level; allows them to interact with audiences

People Like Us

  • People who rock climb wear Patagonia and use their climbing tools
  • People who surf wear Patagonia
  • People who ski wear Patagonia
  • People who care about the environment choose Patagonia


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