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"The Passion Equation"

First and foremost, here is the link to my presentation. "The Passion Equation"

Those of you who would like a breakdown of the presentation via text, almost verbatim, here you go!

     It is a family tradition of ours to go to my Gram's house every Sunday to have dinner together.  It is next to impossible not to have a good time when hanging with my family while we are at my Gram's.  Some of my favorite memories as a kid growing up happened at her house.  Sunday also means watching football, specifically the Miami Dolphins - as a kid I was obsessed with the team and I idolized Dan Marino.

     One Sunday afternoon my brother and I decided to keep ourselves entertained by building paper cup castles all over my Gram's living room - and I can distinctly remember having a very simple yet profound thought for a 7 year old pop into my head, "How can I become "important" and "recognized" like Dan Marino?"

    The thought only lingered around in my head for a few moments because as a kid I had more important things to worry about like protecting my castle from a rouge paper cup launched from my brother's fortress on the other side of the room!

     As a grew up, the thought stuck with me over the years but I never dwelled on it too much, but thanks to a series of unfortunate events, I transformed that original thought I had at my Gram's house into a completely different question.  It's a thought that we all have thought about in our lives one way or another and that is essentially, "how will I be remembered?"

     This is not a new concept that hasn't been explored before but personally I am a visual learner and I like to have a set of guidelines or steps to follow when learning something that interests me.  So I have made it my own personal mission in designing a guideline, an equation if you will, in order to help me answer a question I have carried with me ever since I was a kid!

     I believe in order to answer this question, you must find something you are passionate about, and utilize it to help others!  Simple enough - but how do you actually go about finding something you are passionate about?

     Step 1...

     The first thing you need to do is a personal and honest assessment of yourself.  The 5 categories in which you should focus on defining are your (personality traits, skills, interests, beliefs and goals.)  I like to call these the 5 "YOU" categories.  I recommend jotting down 3-5 topics for each category to start.  This will give you a solid base to work off of which will help steer you in right direction in finding something you enjoy doing - hopefully something you are passionate about!

     Step 2...

     So once you have the 5 YOU categories broken down, the next question that arises is "how do you know when you found something you are passionate about?"  Two criteria need to be met and they pretty much go hand in hand - first, it won't feel like work and second, you will feel fulfilled at the end of the day.  As Simon Sinek says himself, who wouldn't want to find something that they enjoy doing and come home from work feeling fulfilled?

     Step 3...

     The word "fulfillment" however is an interesting word people like to throw around - the last question that ultimately arises is "how do you obtain a true sense of fulfillment?"  Two ways; you can either achieve your own personal goals or help someone else out of pure generosity!

     So once you piece together all these different factors and answer these questions truthfully, you end up with what I like to call "The Passion Equation."  When written out it looks like F = Y (HSE + APG) which means Fulfillment = the square root of YOU multiplied by Helping Someone Else plus Achieving Personal Goals.  By using these steps and focusing on answering these questions, I have honestly found multiple things that I consider true passions of mine.  It is a simple structure to follow; you just simply need to be honest with yourself.

     Ultimately I believe that a true passion should encompass your personality traits, skills, interests and beliefs in helping you achieve not only your personal goals but helping others achieve theirs along the way as well.


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