The Pacific Madrone

The Pacific Madrone - student project


I'm currently a designer living and working in the wonderful city of Seattle. I'm also an avid fan of patterns, mustard yellow, calligraphy, kona coffee, and the tv show, "Parks & Recreation". 


I'll be creating a poster for "the Pacific Madrone". They have graciously agreed to play at our wedding and I'll be creating a poster to use during the reception.

Sound : The Pacific Madrone's sound is very down to earth. Their lyrics celebrate life and experiences that is honest and heartfelt.

A little sound bite: ("Summer")

The tree : The band is named after the pacifica madrona treeIt is known for it's red-ish bark that naturally peels away to expose smooth and light green wood. In the spring it produces small, bell shapped flowers and in the autumn, red berries. The tree's berries and branches attract numerous animals such as robins, cedar waxwings, quail, deer, raccoons, and bears. 


The Pacific Madrone - image 1 - student project


(no.1) Using the madrone branches to create the letters. Possibly hide some wildlife in the branches.

The Pacific Madrone - image 2 - student project

(no.2) Highlighting the different qualities of the madrone tree: berries, flowers, and peeling bark. Typography might be a little more script-y.

The Pacific Madrone - image 3 - student project

(no. 3) An image of an empty chair made out of growing madrone trees. An empty chair is kind of quirky and leaves room for the viewer to stir up their own narrative as to why it might be there. 

The Pacific Madrone - image 4 - student project