Liz Keith

PR Consultant, Trilogy Marketing Communications



The PR Pilot .... You've Started a Biznez... What's Next?

                                                             "Build it, they will come!"

                                    Busines owners....this scene only works in the movies.

For the rest, the only way 'they will come' is through an effective public relations campaign.

  1. This flight (class) is designed to expose small business owners and non-profit organizations to basic public relations strategies....they can implement in their biz plan.
  2. By the end of this flight (class), you will have formed a fundamental pr campaign template to take away that is conducive with growing and building your biznez.

The PR Pilot is set to help get your business off the ground.  The 'Fasten your seatbelt' lights are on as you prepare for ......



TakeOff (pre-class)

Each flight begins taxiing on the runway. As you await safety lights to go off, here's your task....

  • Write down one company goal (increase sales, go international, show off new product)
  • Consider business uniqueness (innovative products, special market, historical location)
  • Determine your market (college students, vegans, nature lovers)


InFlight (during-class)

Safety lights are off and you are now  free to move about the cabin. Together we will....

  • Solidify your niche .... (discuss what/why you do what you do)
  • Decide upon the best platform for your biznez....  (press release, press kit, event)
  • Establish how to reach your market (geographically, alliances, emotionally)
  • Consider a deadline you would like goal accomplished


Ask the Pilot (wrap-up)

A first time flyer always wants to visit the cockpit and ask questions.... The PR Pilot scheduled a Q&A cockpit gala to accommodate travelers.


Landing (after-class)

Perfect landing, you've arrived safe.  As you deplane, please remember to take your belongings....

  • An effective and polished tag line .... capturing the essence of your business
  • Campaign pr medium: Kit, Template, Ideas ....based on resources (financial or talent)
  • Choose media outlet ... social media, radio, print
  • Flexible plan to ensure goals are realistcaly achieved 
  • A compiled pr campaign sketch than can be executed to promote your business


Flight Duration

PR strategies can take months to build...The PR Pilot coach travelers thru 3 flights of airtime to establish a pr model; one flight per week. Each flight teaches how to advocate your biznez.


Pilot Lounge

Who doesn't enjoy the VIP treatment?  The PR Pilot extends an offer to one guest. The invited traveler will recieve one-on-one complimentary consultation. A total of an additional 4 hours coaching geared towards execution and completion of your pr and marketing campaign.


About Your Pilot ....     Publicist | Writer | Communicator 

Owner of Trilogy Marketing Communications (TMC), an Atlanta based  PR and Communications Boutique.  Our team efforts are to gain publicity and increase sales and profits of our clients by developing highly effective and tailored pr and marketing campaigns while promoting and delivering strong community awareness.



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