The PInk and Black Kitchen | Skillshare Projects

Aisha Kristine Chong

Writer / Graphic Designer & Illustrator



The PInk and Black Kitchen

I really like this tutorial - it made me realize what live paint was all about.

It also made me realized - how much I suck at coloring, lol! I was so lost on what to color - which is which - what is what.. lol. Until I just went ahead and told myself - wth.. i'll just put in whatever, lol!


The very main theme was pink and black but I also added a few colors here and there to bring more life to it. In this project, I used the palette downloaded in the class.

I actually had some troubles because I wasn't able to properly align the pencil tool to its corners - so I had to redo them while I was coloring - all in all - it was pretty fun. I just kind of wish I can be more artisic to it with the colors and such.. I like to do some shading.. but I am not good at that.. and have not seen a tutorial for it as well (that I can actually follow) - hopefully there will be one coming up soon in Skillshare.

Again.. this class really helped me out a lot - love it so much! <3


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