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The Out of Tune Marketer.

 Behind the bar, sitting and waiting for night to begin. I currently have one bar guest and he is a mumbler. I am really in no mode to engage in conversation with him. The band walks through the door and  V lines for the stage. They have a ten o clock start time. Once I recognize who the band is I begin to cringe. This band has killed my business for the last three weeks in a row. I immediately walk to the back of the house in search of my bar back. Hey " Joe " do me a favor cover the bar. I need a smoke break. While in the parking lot smoking a square I come to a realization. If I don't start changing the way I interact with the bad bands then I will never make money. No one wants to sit at a bar with a miserable host. So from that night forward I looked at the musicians with a new sense of direction. Good or Bar. Drunk or Drugged. I would treat them all with respect. Make them feel welcomed. Take their mind of the sometimes unbearable crowd. I would go out of my way to bring them comfort. I clapped and clapped. I clapped for the good, the bad the off key, the out of tune and the new bands that have never played in bars before. My actions loosened the crowd on slow nights. Engaged band and customers. Sometimes too much. And created an overall great atmosphere. The Local Dive is where I learned my first lesson on marketing. Through respect and open communication I was able to bridge the gap between venue and artist. I work as a liaison in the Bay  area, connecting local talent with entertainment seeking venues.


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