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The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates

I've chosen the letter "w" for my project. The book I'm currently reading tells the story of Wes Moore. He grew up in a neighboorhood (one of many) that also had a boy named Wes Moore. They had many of the same experiences and came from a similar background. One ended up in John Hopkins, the other in jail.

With my letter I want to represent how just a few small decisions can change your fate entirely and how one Wes went on to flourish, the other to live his life out in jail.

It's a great book thus far… Highly recommend checking it out if you enjoy non-fiction.

My thought process…

I started out by practicing drawing different "w" letterforms.

Sketch 1
My first idea is to create a W that has both an open-facing style and a heavy solid style all in one letterform. Behind the letter I would use different color blocks to emphasize the cross-over between the two-sides (their similarites) and the clear differences in their lives.

I've done a bit more concepting… The top "w" shows growth and education on the left, and a barred, trapped, held back half. They still share a common center.

The bottom "w" displays the way they have come together in the end (and also that they have come from similar backgrounds) by tying their two halves together. I was planning on doing a grunge, rough texture on this one for both sides. The left more prestigeous, the right more rough and dangerous feeling.


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